Friday, January 25, 2008


the middle turns sixteen today. that many years ago share tells me she was up all night with a newborn who seemed "mad at her"
i laughed as she still exerts her teenage angst and makes sure you know how she feels. i like this about her in a strange way. she makes me smile most days. she is creative, daring and extremely clever for her age. she may be turning 16 but she is going on womanhood. i pray her dramatic flair and verve for people never wane. happy birthday brookie. we love you. i tried a few times to get you to proof read this but decided the world needed to know. well at least the four people i know who read this ranch dressing. smile. i will deal with the consequences later.


dawna said...

thanks for letting us know. happy birthday brookie!

rab said...

As one of the four readers, I want to go on record as saying she is one of my favourite Rustlers. I love seeing her at church. And there is something very comforting about seeing her and her friend Liz tailing her through the crowd. It just looks right! Happy B-day B.

swile67 said...

Al, a great dedication to your Brookie in honour of her birthday! Love the pic too!:)