Monday, January 7, 2008


yesterday we had our second roundup sunday. we spoke of things past and present and made some promises. the overwhelming response to a year gone by was had. it was hard emotionally, relationally. vocationally and even spiritually as the sea of hands raised indicated. seems we need to take the crunchy with the smooth i guess. we also recognized signs and wonders in the year gone by and hoped for the same God moments in "OH Eight." we spoke of markings:days set aside to magnify and capture may be needed. the spring of the killer B's. it was mentioned that sunday mornings will be highjacked for bbaptisms, babies and birthdays and even a book fair for the neighbourhood may in fact still be full gospel. more than sundays please.
we agreed we are a high needs bunch and agreed that champions are few but servers are many amongst us. we have grown to expect things but still more helps are needed as champions fall. we need each other. we are better together. shepherds pies come when we all add potatoes, veggies and ground beefs. we grow tired. some get hurt along the way. this can be lessened when each take a turn serving. pace yourself. you are needed. each of us has a part to play and all of us need to be involved. with and in common. it may be true that outside helps will also be needed. a few of us decided to shovel snow last week after the new years day dumping with a parking lot of knee-deep ahead of us. it looked hopeless. there was some grumbling, a few swears under frozen scarves and then (cue the heavenly hosts) a four wheeled angel with a scoop bucket and a kind man in a tractor swung by to make light work to a depressed trio of shovellers. this is outside help. show your need sometimes.
God sends quails and sometimes plows if you do! it is not of ourselves. OH Eight will be a year of unexpected helps. jill johnson a friend of ours wishes to help our neighboured response and program efforts. she doesn't even attend our church! you will here more of her soon. she is a couple degrees away from me and henry and loves our endearing qualities and wants to help. sam laitenen wants to follow his heart in ministry to become a chaplain. this year you will see him move that way. the outside and the inside are not very far apart. there ares no lines in kingdom. efforts. never be surprised where help comes from.

and in closing we made our way to the table to tell God to use us. take us. make us His. deploy us and commit our hearts and hands to His doing. let us be full and let us be emptied. exalted and laid low for Him. So be it. And the covenant which I have made on earth let if be ratified in heaven.

we then ate big salads, leftover chili and stews and made light work of a rustle birthday cake. there was some talk. there were some tears. there was even rejection in the room. this happens. we have picked fights with all that has separated us from God. our problems our large. a struggle that seems endless. as my good friend north says..."please Jesus come" we ramble on.

if you are reading this today you are either interested in this adventure, have too much time to read online blogs or you rustle and we know you. either way pray for us that Oh Eight will be one of much God movements.

signs and wonders, in common and the full favour of lives devouted to Christ.
may it be so

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