Thursday, January 24, 2008

made new

with a tank full of high test gas, a quart of oil and a rip down the 401 my friend and his brand new 1986 Volvo sedan passed the e-test. he took the test himself a week ago online and failed. but this is not a post about test and tires this is a post about lives made new in the waters of baptism. this sunday at the ranch in a cattle trough five distinguished Christ learners will be buried, washed, rinsed and reminded of all that God has done for them and plans to do with them. a welcome home of sorts. i have always said that i would walk a mile over broken glass in slippers or swim through a pond full of thumbtacks to see this XXX spirit filled action. it takes emotional energy and feels not unlike that 4door sedan of my friends must have felt.
a road ahead of them. curves and bumps and accidents even. travel without abandonment. detours and destinations. so with all of that here are the learners who are heading to the cool waters. if you are in the neighbourhood and wish to come and celebrate, bring blessing and cake and warm dishes of food to share than show up at just past 11-am on Sunday. rustlers it is potluck and we will need bath-towels and cameras and Kleenex.

and joshua
for those wondering josh's mom tells me he is "39-inches long and 39 inches tall and 19 and three quarters pounds." if you plan to knit something up or pick him up an outfit or something this may be needed information. a nice homemade card will work as well.

and if truth be told my friend could have passed the test if he had studied more. i hope he comes sunday and speaks some good stories and sees the water move.

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