Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 30 - WITH meeting NOTES

In the WITH meeting we discussed Rustle governance and how we could comply with governmental and Free Methodist guidelines and still have it look like Rustle. For more details, click below

We would need a board of 5-7 members (not including Al and Sam as they are paid employees) with a chairperson, treasurer and secretary

Things to look for in choosing a board member:
-age 18 minimum
-want the best for Rustle
-faithful in small things
-moving closer to God
-willing to commit their time, talent and money
-committed to 2 years
-able to make difficult decisions
-called in their heart
-a servant
-mature (looks like Jesus)
-willing to sacrifice

Nomination process:
For this year the nominations will come from the community with a nominator and a seconder. We will work toward having a nominating committee for the future

The current 3 carry over from the Crazy 8 members (Joel, Lisa, Aphra) will have 1 more year
The new 3/4 members would have a 2 year term with an optional 1 year extension

What the Board would look like:
It would be a community driven board, taking from the WITH meetings and finalizing decisions
Decision making would be using a consensus model (talk it out until all or most have agreed on a decision)
There would be a mix of visionaries/practical people and men and women

For the month of May, we should be praying about/thinking about/ talking to people who we think would be good board members. By the end of May we will hopefully have 4 nominations.

At the end of the meeting, Joel, the treasurer, spoke and said that hopefully the quarterly report would be ready for the next meeting, that he needs people for counting the offering on Sundays and to make sure you use an envelope for cash if you wish to get a tax receipt at the end of the year.

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