Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ranch happenings in April

Soupfest happens next Sunday April 25th. Bring your best dish of homemade soup. There will be prizes. Last year the winner won an expired gift card from the Bay. This year we plan to give away even grander prizes!

shari doseger presents her new show this month at windmills restaurant. It is called suitcase of surprises. Check it out.

Our bimonthly with meetings happen this month on Wednesday April 28th at 630 pm right here at the ranch.

The rustle street go cart academy meets each Friday night with our fantastic neighbourhood boys. Wish us all the very best things.

Offering envelopes are available upon request. We are most glad you give.

We are putting the garden in soon. Please speak to john hartt if you want to plant, water, weed and harvest.

Please continue to pray healing for the sick among us. While you are at it pray for the lonely, the oppressed and the release for the captives.

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