Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Board Members

At the WITH meeting on May 27th, 3 new board members were acclaimed: Henriette, Myron and Sean. Thanks for taking on this responsibility!

New Board Member Prayer:

I pray for unity for the Rustle board. That they can function in love and compassion to move as Your hands and feet in Rustle. That they will spend time listening to You and knowing what Your heart is for the community. That they will know what needs to be acted on now and what needs to be acted on later. That they would be balanced and peaceful. I pray that all of them may be one that the world may believe that You sent Jesus. Give them the glory that you gave Jesus to bring them to complete unity.

But most of all, I pray over this board love. That you would love this community as Jesus loves it. That you would love this Church as Jesus loves it. That every move or decision you make will be made out of love.

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rab said...

Last night's was my favourite Rustle board ever! Good prayer.