Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can you help this woman?

Karen is going away to the States for 2 months- leaving on Tuesday April 8th. Bob and Peter will need our support while she is away! There are lots of ways to help out: pray, cook them a meal, take Peter to the movies (he loves movies!), take them out somewhere, stop by to chat, etc. Please remember them in these next 2 months! (Food suggestions are below)

PETER likes to eat:
chicken (with bones ie thighs, wings, legs, breats) roast, bbq whtever, pork chops, ribs, roast beef, steak, battered fish, rice, mashed potatoes, frozen mixed vegetable, (no raw veggies), cooked broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, corn. Doesn't really eat dessert. Eats an apple (royal gala only) and an orange or clementine or tangerine with EVERY meal. Pizza, lasagne. Doesn't like one dish meals such as casseroles or stews or homemade soup. He'll eat homemade soup if it's chicken noodle or chikcen rice. Eats a lot of Campbells chunky soup. Doenst put marg or butter on anything,, nor salt. , nor mayo nor mustard. Likes plain ham sandwhiches, just ham and ww bread. No pb and j. sometimes will eat pb on ww bread and often eats nutella on ww toast and eggos(chocolate chip) for breakfast. Likes bacon (just 2 slices) and fried eggs (over easy), just two.
BOB likes to eat:
Pretty much anything. He's probably even eat garbage to reduce landfill. But we want to keep him healthy while Karen is away. Don't feed him garbage.

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