Wednesday, June 20, 2007

summer of Q

June 17 – What do we have in the freezer?
June 24 – castle chicken
July 1 – canada day and riblets.
July 8 – tube steaks and burger fare
July 15 – This is veggie week. be forewarned
July 22 – Picnic at Lemoine's Point with Next
July 29 – sausage substitutes
August 5 – burgers and wieners again
August 12 – Shishcabobnorth
August 19 – BYOBBQ
August 26 – Family picnic

please note that this is a rustle recommended S.O.S (salad on sunday) ministry. please get involved. this includes bringing salads, condiments,drinks, serviettes and whatever else you feel should show up to a lunch. i once knew a person who brung a watermelon to one of these events and no one seemed to mind at all!

go figure.

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Mrs. Z said...

"Castle Chicken" mmm, mmm, good!!! Must have recipe!!!